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We combine videos, Ad inserts and personalization to create highly effective customer engagements, yielding better click thru rates and conversions. Our solution combines the power of one-2-one targeting, personalization and video marketing into your digital marketing strategy by automating Ads inserts on your social media channels. It also helps you generate personalized video Ads inserts based on your customer behavior for cross-selling/up-selling and re-targeting on website and social media channels.

Personalized Ad Banner | Video Content advertising

Boost Your Customer Engagement

Targeted Ad campaigns

Personalized Ad banners

Personalized video templates

Ad banners with autoplay

Social Media | Ad Networks

Offers one-2-one personalization

Accurate Targeting

Mass Messaging


Personalized Content

Social Media | Ad Personalization

Hyper personalized video campaigns to target social media audience


Target Audience based on Parameters such as Age, Gender, Likes, Occupations, Locations etc


Selects a template and generates personalized ads such Banners, GIFs and Videos on the fly


Create that delivers hyper personalized content to users across multi social media channel


Personalize video campaigns ensure customer impact and better conversion resulting in improved ROI